Varicocele Underwear

Guys, the right underwear can make a massive difference for your varicocele. It is literally one of the most important factors that you can manage. Because, really, you just put it on and if you get it right, you'll get the benefits all day, and every day!

The problem is that normal scrotal support undergarments overheat the testicles, but at the same time compresses them, preventing them from sagging down to cool down. That’s why many men who wear normal supporters or undergarments do not attain relief but actually notice that their testicles become more and more sensitive with use.

The wrong underwear can make varicocele get bigger, increase testicular sensitivity, and directly cause both infertility and hormone problems.

The right underwear can quite literally make all of the difference for you.

The right underwear cools the testicles and provides compression that enhances testicular blood drainage. Consequently, testicular pain and infertility will be dramatically reduced or even eliminated completely.

So, what’s the solution? Well, testicle-friendly underwear that provides both scrotal support and maximizes testicular cooling.

Separation underwear is essential! Our unique design maximizes cooling to restore testicular function and provides scrotal support and compression to reduce varicocele and restore healthy testicular blood circulation.